The Crown of Sorrows

All Roads Lead to Sharn

Sharn. It is a city said to have as many names as inhabitants, maybe even more. The City of Knives, Gateway to Xen’drik, the City of Lost Souls, Gateway to Perdition, the City of a Thousand Eyes, the City of Towers. These are simply the most well-known appellations. It is a city of prosperity and of want, of the privileged and of the underclass, of piety and of blasphemy, of education and of ignorance. Whatever one calls it, whatever one thinks of the city, all roads lead to Sharn.

All roads, including those of our adventurers. Each person is here for their own reason, but the course of history has brought them together on this day, in this location. Chance may have dictated their meeting, but as always in Sharn, there are forces working that would prefer not to leave things to chance.



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