The Crown of Sorrows

The Story So Far

Far, Eyre 6, 998 YK (Friday, April 6th, the Year of the King 998)

It is the night of the monthly Tain gala in Sharn. Though members nobility and dragonmarked houses alike are no strangers to parties, the Tain Gala is on a completely different level. The ir’Tains, one of the oldest and most powerful families in Sharn, own many towers and their wealth rivals that of the Kundarak clan. The guest list of the Tain Gala defines the social order of the city. The families with permanent invitations to the Gala, the Sixty, are the royalty of Sharn. In addition to these aristocrats and wealthy gentry, Lady Celyria ir’Tain does her best to invite a few unusual celebrities to entertain her guests—artists, poets, and sometimes adventurers. Aside from fantastic food and drink, such guests receive generous gifts and a temporary increase in status; a particularly memorable guest would be foolish not to cash in their reputation with any of the Sixty in the month that follows their presence at the Gala.

((OOC: Next up: Secret text tailored to each player/character on how they have come across an invite to the Gala, with consideration to character’s history.))



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